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TOP TIPS - Tailoring your Saving to your Spending

Not many people think about retirement as an expense, but for any person who sits down to plan their retirement and their retirement spending in detail, it is hard not to begin thinking of it in economic terms.

California Consumer Privacy Act - CCPA

NEWS WRAP - Retirement Planning Sector Braced for CCPA Proposals

The wealth management and financial services sectors in the US must brace themselves for new data regulations as a result of likely changes to the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) which initially passed into state law on January 1 2020.

The upcoming changes involve the right to opt out, permissible uses of data by service providers, and mandatory content of CCPA notices.

California's attorney general announced that stakeholders had until February 25 to share their views on what many anticipate is the most exhaustive consumer privacy law in the history of the United States and which is set to affect around $12 billion worth of Californian consumer data per year.


TOP TIPS - Inheritance and Estate Planning Issues in the US

Recent news reports across the US suggest that over the next three decades $36 trillion worth of assets is expected to be passed on to heirs in the country. And with around two in every ten households having received an inheritance in the past thirty years, it seems that succession and legacy gifting is still a major source of financial security for many. *

Here we take a look at some key issues on the subject of inheritance and estate planning for expats in the USA.

Falling Yuan

NEWS WRAP - Coronavirus - the Impact on Your Stocks

Earlier this week Chinese stocks posted their worst day since the ‘Black Monday' of August 2015 as the impact of the coronavirus outbreak showed no sign of abating.

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