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Mixing up your Retirement Planning - IRA Rollovers for Expats

Every day in the United States thousands of retirement savers, whether they are Americans, resident aliens or non-resident aliens, reach retirement age and face the question of what to do with their employer-sponsored 401k. Do you leave your pension pot alone, or do you give it a stir?


Retirement Planning - Numerous Bills Signal Congress Means Business

Across the globe, governments, lawmakers and society in general are all beginning to realise that as human longevity increases, the need for action on retirement planning is becoming more crucial and a social imperative. Without action, America, along with much of the rest of the world, will soon see generations of people whose retirement years will be impoverished and where affording the basics in later life, such as housing and healthcare, will become a lifelong worry.

However, there are various bills currently doing the rounds in Congress that show there is serious intention to make big changes to retirement planning.

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What's your tax residency status in the US?

All non-US citizens who live in the United States are considered to be non-resident aliens unless they meet the criteria for one of the following two tests.


Ensuring Contingency for an Unexpected Early Retirement

For many retirement savers, early retirement is the holy grail. However, the reality is that once an age is reached when early retirement is available, many individuals re-evaluate their plans, putting retirement on hold either out of financial concern or a feeling that they are not yet ready to end their careers.

These people are lucky; they have a choice. But what will happen if ill-health, family commitments or professional circumstances take retirement plans out of your hands. Not only can such a situation make you feel helpless, it can leave you facing a cashflow conundrum that has the potential to plague your sunset years with insecurity and uncertainty.

This is why it is essential your retirement plan accounts for the possibility of the unexpected.

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